I have time for a blog…yah, sure..

Are you KIDDING me? I started a blog in February..it’s the end of APRIL and I have one flippin‘ entry? 

Come Monday my official stint of unemployment is over. O-VER. Meaning that I was unemployed for approximately 9 weeks. Not bad, considering our economy is complete crap right now. A big shout out to Jenn, who once again has come through on the job front. *snaps for Jenn* 

I spent my “time off,” if you will, going to San Diego, Vegas and trying to keep myself as occupied as possible. I have admit that by the end of March (approx. length of unemployment 3 weeks) lacking any sort of employment related motivation. The only true reason to wake up was because Will & Grace is on at 11. Otherwise, I’d probably sleep right on past noon. Which is unfortunate when this happens, as there is no good TV on past noon. Thank you Debra Messing for getting my bootay out of bed. 

Where I lacked employment motivation, I made up for it three-fold where my social calendar was concerned. I am pretty sure I had some on the calendar for almost every day in April. Which is good since April is my birthday. You will note I did not say April [insert date here] — because the date is truly irrelevant to the fact that I celebrate my birthday all month. Literally. My mother is the definite enabler to this act of narcissistic behavior…as she is the one who explained that there is simply not enough time in ONE day to fit all of my amazing, delightful friends. Yes, sometimes the “but it’s MY birthday!” becomes irritating, more specifically toward the end of April as my birthday is near the beginning of the month. BUT just know, if you want to celebrate your birthday for a full 28-,30-, or 31-days I will be more than supportive of said decisions. Unless you’re born in April, in which case, kiss off. I will acknowledge your birth, however I refuse to even consider the possibility that Britney Spears came to the Tacoma Dome to celebrate you (she came for me!), that people gathered to celebrate your birthday (you might have been there but they were really there for me), and that vacay we took? Yup, it was for my birthday. 

To recap, things that I currently support: 
1. Myself. 
2. Barack Obama (“we have a black President now, shit has changed!”) 
3. Me. 
4. My birthday. 
5. Employment. 


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