People that I l-o-v-e

I just wanted to mention that I love the following people:

1. My mom – aka Momma T-K

In the past 5 months, she has been a beacon of determination, hope and never-ending persistence. She has shown me that with a positive attitude, a person has the internal strength to overcome anything. Including loss of eyelashes…however, there is a small part of me that thinks she relishes in using synthetic. Mostly only because she passed that on to me. 😉 Loves ya, Mom.

2. Seth Wilkin – who also has some fancy-schmancy Army title that is too complicated for a civilian such as myself.

Though he may have a constant tan, Seth is currently deployed to the sand trap of Afghanistan. Pukes so much.

And there he is, on the homepage of MSNBC. Proud, yes, but it also brings tears to my eyes thinking of him being over there…him and all of the other brave soldiers. I don’t support the war, but you can bet I support my troops. Seth, you are a kickass friend. 

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