I like rabbits!

Ah yes, the Christmas break. The last day before break is still the hardest day to get through. Unless you are like me: a total slacker who can manage to waste away an entire day on GChat and Facebook…in which case the time ticks by as slowly as ever. Regardless, my brain is already on vacation time. Five days without work…Margot just left and asked if I would be checking the voicemail messages tomorrow.

My answer: no.
I’m on vacation bitches.
Most of you know what is going on in my dating life, but for those of you that need a little update, here you go. Nikki recently introduced me to a nice guy, and verbally slapped me for not recognizing a “good” guy when he is right in front of me. Getting my ish together and my focus on track, I decided she was right and jumped in head first.
This did not go as planned. And you would not believe how ridiculously awkward I am. I am like the Chandler in your world of Friends. I make jokes to cut tension, avoid eye contact when uncomfortable and God knows I blush with the best of them. I would like to think that I never was an awkward person…however recent situations are starting to make me wonder.
Let’s take last Sunday for example. After what seemed like a fun ‘date’ of me bouncing off the walls with holiday spirit and coffee to mask the severe hangover that I had been fighting off, I was slapped in the face with reality. Now, I don’t think the conversation that followed was out of the blue, nor do I think it was unwarranted. That being said, I felt about as tall as my heels…without me in them, which is roughly 3 inches for those of you a little behind on the shoe-know-all. I’m not sure it’s possible to come out of a “casual dating” conversation on-top, unless of course you tear off all his clothes and literally straddle said recipient. I did not opt for the latter – though maybe I would have felt less awkward had I – and was left feeling weird and unsure for the rest of the night.
I did wake up with a massive sinus infection the next morning, but I don’t think that it was at all related to Sunday’s conversation.
Perhaps I am being too vague for some of you. You might just have to deal with it this time, even though I am only connected to the conversing-party in a casual type way, I still respect his privacy.
This brings me to the next boy: a former co-worker. One I had a crush on for just about as long as we worked together, including the time he had girlfriend. I seem to enjoy the boys that I can banter with, maybe it’s because I don’t have to take them too seriously. Just like my relationships. Anyways, one awkward (I am going to need to find a new word) happy hour and several GChats later I found myself greeting him on a sidewalk in Greenlake mid-ugle sweater party. Hey, it’s the holidays people. And guess what? We totally made out. Did NOT see that coming. I am also starting to believe that I might be more naive than I either care to admit or am aware of…more than likely it’s the latter.
So I leave with with the following YouTube video that is one of my all time favorites. Seriously.

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