What You’re Missin’ with: GLEE!

Have you ever watched Glee? It’s epic. Even though Kiana obviously dibs’ed Puck while I yelled over her much quieter mumbles calling Finn.

Rookie mistake. Had she told me how exponentially hotter Puck gets as you get deeper into the first season I would have never restricted myself to picking between the two.

Hence the following text conversation with Miss Kiana:

K: I called dibs yesterday. 

L: Fine but I’m still going to sleep with him if and when I meet him.

K: Fair. 

I’m not one for spoilers or teasers or any of that, but damn. This is some good baby momma drama. As far as I know/remember/even care about is the time that MC started dating the guy I had a ridiculous friend crush on. Weird.

Anyways, this is some good ish. My friend D would probably love it because he is into choir and singing and shit.

Maybe I’ll add “Meet Puck and have his child” to my 2010 list of resolutions. Although, do you think that is too cliché/played out?

Also, I should proooobably IMDB Puck’s real name…but the Comcast guy doesn’t come until Thursday. 


Glee Cast – My Life Would Suck Without You from Bárbara Letter on Vimeo.


I had a revelation today. No, it was not a new way to filter, edit or stalk on my Facebook newsfeed – but thanks for thinking the best.

I can thank my Aunt Marcy for this amazing discovery. Not to single out any one gift from Christmas, however after tonight I am officially deeming this my go-to gift henceforth. Sorry, girls, no more surprises.

Hint: the only mess I’m cleaning up post dinner is the plate I ate off of.

Okay, Pasta & Co. that was my epiphany. Laugh all you want, hyenas but this isn’t any insta-dinner. It’s DELICIOUS, insta-dinner not meant solely for yuppie Laurelhurst mom’s that are over-whelmed from hours of UVillage shopping, a status I aspire to one day hold.

So, tonight I had a pulled pork sandwich and the extent of my cooking was toasting the bread I put it on. It was amazing. Revolutionary. It surpassed any and every deli dish I’ve ever had. I am not sure what my dad and I were thinking when we cruised through the QFC “ready-made” section. Maybe it was my immature taste buds and inability to accept anything stuffed, with peppers, any cheese other than cheddar, over spiced or plain.

Apparently Aunt Marcy called my bluff and exposed me to the most scrumptiously simple solution to my daily 5 o’clock dilemma: how to feed myself almost immediately with as little work as physically possible. Success!

This is me publically thanking you Auntie Marce, for removing the lid from my pot of cuisine naivety. 

Also, Auntie Karole because her (and Uncle Rob’s) gift is paying for my lodging in Vegas. Oh, and Grandma and Grandpa Kravik because they unknowingly got my plane ticket. Right, to recap: my family pretty much hooked it up this Christmas.

And I ate too much tonight.  MoOoOoO! 


I wanted to kick off this new year/decade with a blog on the 1st – but guess what…Clearwire still doesn’t work. Apparently “create working modems” were not on their before end-of-month to-do lists. That’s ok, after abandoning my router, I am getting a connection strong enough to allow me to blog my all-mighty resolutions WHILE chatting with a friendly Comcast agent.

Moving on, here we go with Resolutions 2010:

1. Spend More Responsibly: Ok, yes, I did just buy a new snowboard less than an hour ago. That does NOT count as breaking this resolution though. It was on sale, I had a gift card and am splitting the cost with Momma T-K. Therefore it was $84 well spent. I am focusing more on making sure to set aside extra money during the second half of the month, keep putting money in my savings consistently and refraining from weekly $20 happy hours. Yes, I am giddy and all smiles after two margaritas, but $20 and a million calories later – reality hits.

2. Exercise More: Last week I attended my first hot yoga class in months. It was enlivening. The girl that sat next to me asked if class was generally as full as it was, and commented people were probably getting a head start on their new year’s resolutions. Awkwaaard…since I had to own up to the truth that I was doing just that. She seemed nice though. Also, I think I was more flexible/in shape than her, which secretly made me smile. Hey! Just because I am an only child, doesn’t mean I lack competitive tendencies.

3. Fold laundry with 48-hours of drying: Oh sure, you laugh. But do you know how much easier it is to grab almost-matching socks from the laundry bin? Or…even the dryer, depending on if I have company coming and need to hide the wrinkles and piles. Hence, the resolution.
3A. Take immediate break from blogging to fold laundry that has been dry for a week: HA. Yeah, right.

4. Focus on my career: In 4 short months I will have been with Blue Dog for one year. Twelve-months of dog treat bliss. Seriously, I really do love my job. In the past 8 months I have helped redesign our website, taken over customer service/donations, started traveling to events and my personal favorite: product box re-designs. Aside from the speeding ticket I got while working an event in Arizona, job is awesome. This also includes getting my sleep-loving butt out of bed before 8:20 am…sometimes 8:30, and getting to work closer to 8 rather than 9.

5. Drive slower. See resolution 4. Stupid speed-cameras. Arizona is a bunch of cheaters.

6. Switch to Comcast internet: Processing as we speak…my own little insurance policy so I am at least 1 for 6. Win.

Resolutions – GO!