I had a revelation today. No, it was not a new way to filter, edit or stalk on my Facebook newsfeed – but thanks for thinking the best.

I can thank my Aunt Marcy for this amazing discovery. Not to single out any one gift from Christmas, however after tonight I am officially deeming this my go-to gift henceforth. Sorry, girls, no more surprises.

Hint: the only mess I’m cleaning up post dinner is the plate I ate off of.

Okay, Pasta & Co. that was my epiphany. Laugh all you want, hyenas but this isn’t any insta-dinner. It’s DELICIOUS, insta-dinner not meant solely for yuppie Laurelhurst mom’s that are over-whelmed from hours of UVillage shopping, a status I aspire to one day hold.

So, tonight I had a pulled pork sandwich and the extent of my cooking was toasting the bread I put it on. It was amazing. Revolutionary. It surpassed any and every deli dish I’ve ever had. I am not sure what my dad and I were thinking when we cruised through the QFC “ready-made” section. Maybe it was my immature taste buds and inability to accept anything stuffed, with peppers, any cheese other than cheddar, over spiced or plain.

Apparently Aunt Marcy called my bluff and exposed me to the most scrumptiously simple solution to my daily 5 o’clock dilemma: how to feed myself almost immediately with as little work as physically possible. Success!

This is me publically thanking you Auntie Marce, for removing the lid from my pot of cuisine naivety. 

Also, Auntie Karole because her (and Uncle Rob’s) gift is paying for my lodging in Vegas. Oh, and Grandma and Grandpa Kravik because they unknowingly got my plane ticket. Right, to recap: my family pretty much hooked it up this Christmas.

And I ate too much tonight.  MoOoOoO! 

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