What You’re Missin’ with: GLEE!

Have you ever watched Glee? It’s epic. Even though Kiana obviously dibs’ed Puck while I yelled over her much quieter mumbles calling Finn.

Rookie mistake. Had she told me how exponentially hotter Puck gets as you get deeper into the first season I would have never restricted myself to picking between the two.

Hence the following text conversation with Miss Kiana:

K: I called dibs yesterday. 

L: Fine but I’m still going to sleep with him if and when I meet him.

K: Fair. 

I’m not one for spoilers or teasers or any of that, but damn. This is some good baby momma drama. As far as I know/remember/even care about is the time that MC started dating the guy I had a ridiculous friend crush on. Weird.

Anyways, this is some good ish. My friend D would probably love it because he is into choir and singing and shit.

Maybe I’ll add “Meet Puck and have his child” to my 2010 list of resolutions. Although, do you think that is too cliché/played out?

Also, I should proooobably IMDB Puck’s real name…but the Comcast guy doesn’t come until Thursday. 


Glee Cast – My Life Would Suck Without You from Bárbara Letter on Vimeo.

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