Is that a CROWN?!

Today while I was at work, keeping a watchful eye on all the important news headlines (you know the ones I mean: Facebook, Gmail and my iPhone) I had a birthday epiphany. Tomorrow while I am reminding anyone and everyone of my birthday with a repetitious “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!” I will have no way of pictorially conveying this via emoticon.

That’s right, I said emoticon. How will you know I am wearing my princess crown? Even though it is an assumption you should make since IT’S MY BIRTHDAY.

And when I try to Facebook you to remind you that you forgot the most important should-be national holiday, will you truly understand the severity without said Princess crown emoticon? Probably not.

So I want to know who I need to call to make this happen. It’s 11:30…giving me somewhere around 29-minutes to get it figured out. Yes, the probability is zero. Don’t kill a sistahs dream, it’s NOT your birthday*.

While I am on topic and you are busy creating emoticons, what about a nose-goes? I constantly find myself losing text battles. Maybe I am a push over, or MAYBE if we had a nose-goes emoticon I wouldn’t be constricted to arguing then quickly folding.

Now, please excuse me — I have to go polish my crown before midnight.

And find my sash.

*If it is, in fact, your birthday, making you my birthday twin – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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