A Daily Dose of my Momma

Today, while ensuring I get the most out of my college degree by sitting/laying/sprawling on the couch watching a Law and Order: SVU marathon I was exposed to a fantastic website. It’s like Hungry, Hungry Hippos for shopping addicts. Imagaine getting a Blue Light special without having to beat off Captain Mullet and Ms. Snaggle Tooth. Click and buy. Almost-instant (5-7 days) gratification of knowing that you beat 5k other people to purchasing something at 66% off. Suckers.

This website could be a terrible addiction. Crack for gear junkies: Steepandcheap.com.

Today’s blog isn’t about the amazingness that is Steep and Cheap — rather it is to document a simple conversation I had with my Mom.

Me: I have to tell you, J sent me a link to this website that had a North Face puffy vest in pearl white with a HUGE fur-rimmed hood. And I ALMOST got one for you too. J was pressuring me to buy it, and I kept saying, “I need to get one for my Mom, too!!” But then remembered you have a
white puffy vest.

Mom: Not one with a fur-rimmed hood though.


Serves me right. This a written post-it to remind me to always buy an extra for Mom. Except that generally, she looks cuter than I do. I need every Steep and Cheap leg up I can get on her. 😉

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