Do I hear an echo?

Hello? Hello? Helloooooooooo?

Remember when I made that ‘cute’ New Year’s resolution to blog more? And I was all, “omigosh, three times a week? No problem!” Well, that went to the curb, and I can’t even tell you where the past two months have gone. Excuses aside, this blog is far to entertaining to forget to write. And with that…I will try to be better. I have recently (two days ago) taken on the project of running a 5k. A 5k, you say? But you loath running, and people that run! Yes, I know. BELIEVE me, I know far better than anyone that running is a fun suck. And, yet if I can teach myself to enjoy ::pukes:: running, then really I can do ANYTHING. It’s all in the mindset, readers.

Plus, it means I get to spend more money at Lululemon. EVERYbody wins. I stimulate the economy, get my heart rate up, my weight down and the best part is I can now start almost any sentence with “Now that I’m a runner…” Read about my progress, my quips and my successes here >

You’re managing TWO blogs?! You’re a crazy woman!

Yes, yes I am. A crazy woman with goals in mind. So watch me, minions.

Funny story envolving a family member and a crazy girl to follow. The f-word comes up a lot in this one, so if you have a better substitution please let me know before I post it.

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