Through a series of events, I ended up having dinner with a fantastic person tonight. I had met said person on a handful of occasions, however in my mind we’d never really talked and were more acquaintances — we weren‘t even Facebook friends, I mean, come on.

Toward the end of our meeting, I went on to tell her all about how sometimes I can be a real a-hole when it comes to realizing I’ve met people. I continued with, “here’s a perfect example”…then outlined a recent social interaction I had with another mutual friend. In this oh-so-typical scenario, I received a Facebook friend request and was unsure if I had even met her recently, if at all.

First, yes.

And second, it was last Saturday.

(No, I was not drunk – take that thought back.)

Laughing ensued, and man, what a good conversationalist I am. I was all, “omg we so should have been friends in college!”

Then this happened.

She said, “So..I think you might have been my GEL* buddy.”


That’s right, while touring colleges we LITERALLY shared a dorm floor while pretending to be college freshman and considering the campus.

I stared, it clicked, and I said it: “I told you I can be a real asshole.”

She was, of course, entertained (I think?) and likely humored by the entire situation. I am still embarrassed and realizing how completely oblivious I can be. And save all of the niceties that time that I asked a friend where his girlfriend was, then the room went silent because, well, they’d broken up that morning. At least that’s understandable. No matter how much time (infinite) I can spend on Facebook it’s almost impossible to keep up with these things.

So, here it is, we’ve probably met and I probably don’t remember one of two things: your name or your face. Which is the exact reason I have a boyfriend – the official kind that has to buy me dinner and stuff because otherwise I complain about being deprived….and hungry. I keep him around so he can introduce himself to people I can’t remember or say hi to people he knows.

If only I would have had him in my sleeping bag (I wish) GEL weekend.

*GEL (Gonzaga Experience Live) weekend is a campus preview event during which high school seniors that have been accepted can visit, stay in the dorms and participated in fun activities that scream “it’s worth $30k a year!”