Project Post: Furniture Painting Pt 1

A few months ago I was feeling bored with work and my extra-curriculars. This was before I was in three weddings (what, three?!) and had zero work travel on the books. You would think our Christmas trip to France and Iceland would have left me with plenty to think about, but between my dreams of the Eiffel Tower and cheese – oh, the cheese! – Annie Sloan Calk Paint filled the gaps.

I was out for Thai food with my parents one night when I proudly declared, “I have decided to take up furniture painting!” If you know me, you know I am easily excitable and have a tendency to exclaim things with gusto. But, since the table next to us didn’t know me (at least prior to my declaration) they did not share my parents thrill to my soon-to-be new found hobby.

Anyways, months and months ago, possibly even a year, our friends over at chezerbey* decided to get rid of an Ikea bed frame. Being the furniture hoarder that I am, I was all “WE NEED THAT BED. I SHALL PAINT IT.”

And Boyfriend was like, “Yeahright.” because this bed is a giant ahole. It’s got a lam coat (or something, I made that up) and all these slats that are close together and how was I supposed to sand those?

Details, friends. Details.

Instead of painting it I put it in the guest bedroom and said, “um, that thing can’t be painted. how am I supposed to sand it?!?” (Stupid details.)


Enter Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. ASCP claims no sanding, no priming, no pain in my ass. You’re probably thinking it’s not possible. But dammit, it is!

It’s kind of tough to come by because Annie (first name basis, obvi) only distributes to the select few. Check it, direct from the Annie Sloan dot com:

We like to have a broad range of shops in styles from elegant and chic to rustic and country and more. Our shops are broadly home decorating and include florists and upholstorers for instance. We like our shops to be aspirational and inspirational run by shop owners with a strong understanding of their own style. All sell painted furniture and all run workshops.

OMG don’t you just LOVE that?! I just loooove it. Call me an obsessed freak but before I even bought the stuff I was in love with it. And if you YouTube up some Annie interviews – like this on with Home & Family – you probably will too.

One Saturday later, after spending the morning going ga-ga over all things Sloan, I found myself at the closest store that sells ASCP. For you Seattleites, it’s a place in Kirkland called Haley’s Cottage. There is a Starbs right down the street so grab yourself some caf because, I promise, if you are going to buy ASCP you are going to be in there for awhile. Drooling. Proms.

If you’re not a Seattleite, find a location near you with this badass link.

Did I mention that in addition to being MADE IN THE US of A, ASCP is also low in VOCs so it’s has barely any smell and you can paint inside? Oh, I didn’t? Well, boom. It is.

I knew the colors I wanted from Haley’s Cottage, but that wall of paint cans! the paint sticks! the swatches! the options! It took me about an hour to pick two colors, clear wax and yes, they did upsell me on the Annie Sloan branded brush. (“It’s the best investment I ever made. It’s SO good for waxing!”…they pinned me as an easy target.)

After spending a dollar amount I would rather not put into permanent writing I headed home. I set up paint shop in the office also known as Boyfriend’s Empty Cardboard Box Storage Room. His mom gave us (read: me. Because have you ever seen him with a paintbrush? No.) a thick plastic shower curtain to use a paint drop and it is seriously the best drop ever. I recommend it x1000!

Here’s what you’ll need to get started to pop your Sloan Cherry:

  • ASCP: duh.
  • AS wax: you can buy clear or dark, but, is it your first time? yeah, clear for you, Sloan Virgin.
  • Some form of drop cloth (seriously! plastic shower curtain!)
  • Paint brushes: I use 2″-2.5″ regular ‘ole brushes, just make sure they are clean
  • Optional: $38 wax brush: if you’re a craft sucker like me, you also need this. But I am told a regular ‘ole brush works too.
  • Old cotton tshirt: you’re probably going to want to throw this away after so make sure it’s the one with the worst pit stains. y’know?
  • Tunes: obviously up to you but I would go with the Backstreet Boys Pandora station. I have no shame.

This feels like the longest post of all time. Especially if you aren’t into the furniture painting. So, Pt 2 will cover the process and end result. I know, I know. You’re waaaaaaay excited to see my finished project.

*In the meantime, you can pass some time checking out the Zerbs over at chezerbey and be in awe of them. They take DIY to a whole new, no-fucking-way-I-could-do-that level and it’s awesome.